Champion DH-5000T-HWC Door-Type Genesis Dishwasher

champion 5000 dishwasher
You’re finally realizing a life-long dream: you’re opening your own restaurant and bar. You’ve paid your dues in other kitchens, and learned the trade; now it’s time to put it to good use. You’ve gotten solid financial backing, and formatted a solid business model. Now, the rubber hits the road as you design your new space, from the exterior frontage all the way to the basement, with special attention given to the kitchen – after all, the kitchen is what will make or break your venture.

In planning your kitchen, you’ve researched appliances and countertops, bake ware, cookware, cutlery, linens, and the list goes on. You’ve paid special attention to the appliances, as you need solid, reliable workhorses, capable of taking the punishment of a busy kitchen. In looking at dishwashers, you’ve selected the best – the Champion DH-5000T-HWC Door-type Genesis dishwasher.

What makes the Genesis the best? Capacity, for one thing; the champion Genesis runs fifty-three trays through an hour, as opposed to the Jackson Conserver HL, with thirty-seven, or the Fagor Commericial AD-64CW,with only thirty-five. Higher capacity means more clean dishes, and for a busy kitchen, that’s an essential.

The champion Genesis dishwasher has an extended hood (27” for trays), and an auto-start feature when the hood is closed. The unit is Energy Star rated, saving you money on your electric bill each month. The unit is field-convertible, from one to three phase, or from straight-through to corner operation. Most commercial dishwashers come with self-draining pumps, and with connections for detergent, rinse agents, and sanitizer dispensing; the three units discussed here all have these features. The Genesis has in addition to these an automatic drain valve, to drain the tank when the unit is switched off. The Genesis also has standard and heavy-duty wash cycles, to clean pots and pans as well as plates and bowls.

The champion Genesis unit is constructed with a sloped hood, to keep the hot water vapors away from the unit operator. The unit also has vent fan controls, allowing the operator to decide to vent, or not to vent, so to speak.

The champion Genesis dishwasher also has interchangeable spray arms, making maintenance an easy task. The Genesis runs a high efficiency one horsepower pump, and has a two horsepower self-draining pump as well.

The Genesis dishwasher is solidly constructed of stainless steel, to provide many years of worry-free service. The surface is easily cleaned, requiring no special chemicals.

The Genesis dishwasher unit has more features than most other commercial dishwashers, making it worth the investment. The unit features a rinse sentry, ensuring the dishes receive a final rinse in 180-degree water, per the NSF recommendations. Other washers have a similar feature, but none provide all of the features the Genesis has to offer. Champion dishwashers are a great choice for any restaurant. If you are looking to save a little money, the Champion CH2000 Dishwasher or the Champion UH130 (CMA 180UC) under counter dish washer are great alternatives.

When you build out your kitchen, you want the appliances to provide reliable service for many years, with as few visits from the repair man as possible. The Genesis commercial dishwasher does just that – it installs easily, has many options, washes more dishes in a one-hour cycle than its competitors, and is energy efficient to boot. The Genesis is well worth its cost, and will give you clean, sanitized dishes for many years. Hard to beat a combination like that.

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Review Of The Univex SRM60+ Floor Model Mixer

Univex SRM40
There are a surprisingly large amount of restaurants that will rely on an industrial grade mixer to produce their food. Bakeries, confectioneries and pizzerias will all need to consider what kind of mixer will best suit their needs as they go forward. Some people will want to check out how they can get the support that they need from the Univex SRM60+ FLOOR MODEL MIXER. There are a few surprising elements that people can consider when they want to get this unit installed for their business. This machine can help owners produce doughs and other products at a more efficient pace, which can help improve the profitability of their business.

Some people may be surprised to learn that the Univex SRM60+ FLOOR MODEL MIXER can actually integrate all of the ingredients right inside of its bowl. Staff will simply need to add in the flour and other components before they put the device in to motion. It utilizes an unique hook design that will help mix together all of the ingredients more effectively. It has a 15 minute timer, which will help the staff time the way that they operate the device. They will simply need to add in the ingredients and wait for them to become blended together.

There are some other features that will help the Univex SRM60+ FLOOR MODEL MIXER stand apart from many other models. It incorporates a guard system, which will block people from getting hurt when the machine is in motion. The basin for the dough bowl is very deep, which will help contain all of the ingredients together. This will be important for many businesses out there, who understandably want to make sure that their work environment stays as clean as possible. There are a few different elements that will help people secure the bowl, since it is also designed with a sturdy base. This will help prevent the bowl from tipping over when it is in motion.

Many users will appreciate the Univex SRM60+ FLOOR MODEL MIXER, since it offers some distinct advantages over other models like the Hobart LEGACY HL600 MIXER. Though they are both 60-quart volume models, the Univex SRM60+ FLOOR MODEL MIXER has a few unique design features. It has a much more functional design, which will help make sure that staff members understand everything that they need to do. All of the different dials can be turned and maneuvered to help exercise complete control over the machine. Many people have discovered that they can actually train staff on how to use this model in just a short amount of time.

The Univex SRM60+ FLOOR MODEL MIXER is also simply an affordable investment for a restaurant operator to make. They should check out some of the different advantages that they can expect to get from this unit. It will mix up dough more efficiently than anyone could do if they were doing this job by hand. This will alleviate some of the burden on the staff and allow businesses to cut operational costs. Some people may want to review their options when it comes time to have this unit installed for their business. It is relatively compact, which will help make sure that managers will be able to put it in to place.

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A Guide To Working With Psychics

Anyone looking for guidance in their life will be interested in what they can get from psychics. These are individuals with a profound level of insight in to different situations, which may be generated by having some supernatural abilities. Many people will be interested to learn more about the different types of psychics that they may be able to hire. They could provide guidance to people on a few different subjects, including their personal relationships and major career decisions. Though the popularity of seeing psychics has risen and fallen over the years, they have become a staple fixture of cultures throughout the world.

Some people may not realize that there are actually many different types of psychics. There are some classic fortune tellers, who may operate their own private business. They can use a variety of techniques to help presage the future of one of their clients. They can use Tarot cards to help create different types of predictions for events that will be unfolding during the course of people’s lives. This will help many people make decisions that are based on the advice given to them by the psychics. Some people will be impressed by the amount of training that it may take to become a psychic like this for a list of the top 50 psychics, read Jennifur Diamond’s new book Top 50 Psychics.

These psychics can actually fill in a whole host of other roles, which will be helpful to many people. There are psychic detectives, which may actually work alongside the police to help solve cases. They may be able to access to information about cases that would not otherwise be available to people. These psychic detectives can lead the police to clues and other essential facts that may help prevent crime in the future. They may also be able to help people resolve major issues that have come up during the course of the investigation. All of these skills will combine to create an effective asset that many investigators will want to use during the course of their case.

Though psychics have always had an allure within society, they have recently enjoyed some exposure via different outlets. The internet has created quite a few new opportunities for psychics, since they can host their own website. Some of them will even be able to perform a live reading through their webcam. This has also provided many people with an all new means to track down the support that they can expect to get through these psychics. They will be able to have almost instant access to help that they can expect from a psychic professional.

Finally, some people may be wondering how they can get linked up with a psychic that will give them the best reading possible. Like many other professionals, psychics will typically build up a committed clientele over time. Anyone interested in finding a local psychic will want to contact one in their area soon. They may want to check out reviews that they can find for their psychic online or through word of mouth. This can help people determine whether they will get the service that they need from their professional psychic.

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Thermaco Big Dipper Grease Trap

Big Dipper W-250-IS
If you own a restaurant or a cafeteria you know very well how much clogs can mess up your day. Mostly clogs are caused by grease and food or other stuff getting washed down the drain of your sink. You can prevent this from happening due to grease if you install the Thermaco Big Dipper Grease Traps in all of your sinks that may have grease put down the drain. Your sinks and drains will thank you by providing you with a lot less clogs.

Why Choose Thermaco Big Dipper Grease Traps?

Thermaco, Inc. has created an automatic grease and oil removing system that fits nicely under your sinks. The Big Dipper is for heavy duty jobs that could put a stop to your sanity and your restaurants ability to safely handle foods. You will notice an instantly decreased chance of getting clogs when you install it because of the effective way that it separates and removes free-floating grease and oil from your dishwater’s drain.
It can also eliminate the need to pump and dispose of the oil and grease that it catches. This will save you money. If you combine that with the fact that the trapped oil and grease has practically no water in it, you can recycle the oil by giving it to rendering and biodiesel companies. This makes it great for you and great for the environment as well. In addition, Thermaco Makes 5 Big Dipper Models, the W-200-IS, W-250-IS, W-350-IS and the W-500-IS. The middle number designates the water flow per minute. For example the W-200-IS is rated for 20 gallons per minute.

Types of Big Dipper Grease Trap Systems

Thermaco has provided a variety of Big Dipper systems to make your life easier. Each type has their own benefits and you can decide which one you feel would work the best for you and your situation. The four main types of the Big Dipper are:

*Central Grease Removal Units: Perfect for any kitchen that has multiple drains and a lot of business. It can treat a drain flow of 75 and 125 GPM. It works by connecting all the sinks to one centralized location. This location is most often a basement or some other room that is near where all the drains come together. It is mostly used in hospitals, hotels and other big business areas.
*Internal Strainer Basket System: This type can capture not only grease and oil but it can also capture food that has been missed before it goes into the sink. It works best in a situation where it is best if you can remove grease immediately from the source and it removes foods by capturing it in a basket which you must occasionally dump out.
*Point Source Grease Removal Units: If you have a single sink or a pre-rinse station set up in your restaurant you may want to use this type of grease removal unit. It captures the grease immediately as soon as it enters into the drain and is ideal for any type of small deli, school, or fast food establishment.
*Automatic Solids Transfer Grease Removal System: This is the all-in-one Big Dipper by Thermaco. It will capture the grease and oil effortlessly and it will flush out the food solids that are less than one inch in diameter automatically so that you never have to see it. It is not designed to handle non-food items such as plastic or rubber but it does have a skimming wheel that skims out all the other stuff while when the integral timer is activated and there is water in the retention area. This system is used for heavy duty kitchens that need to eliminate a lot of grease, oil and food particles from their dishes in order to maintain a clean work space.

It Simply Makes Sense

Whether you are a small town restaurant who deals with a very small amount of customers per day or you are a big five star fine dining experience type place, you do not want to deal with a clogged drain. Not if you want to continue serving customers or you want to ensure that your kitchen is clean. The more you can keep grease, oil and food particles out of your pipes, the better off you will be. With Thermaco Big Dipper Drain Traps, you will have a whole lot less to worry about regarding the cleanliness of your kitchen and the drains that are attached to it. For a review of their systems and to see which one you need, go to Thermaco Grease Trap Review

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The Univex Hamburger Press

Hamburger Press
The Univex Hamburger Press is a type of bench top burger mold. It is mainly use in the molding of hamburgers. This hamburger mold is perfect since it makes it simple to quickly form the perfect patty at any time. These are made from your ground meat, fish, or veggie burgers. The burgers that are perfectly shaped are produced within seconds and ensure constant thickness at all times. With this, you can have a more even cooking.

The Univex Hamburger Press makes each of the hamburger patties as uniform as possible for all those that are to be produced. They also come in a variety of models and types that contain different patty options. These models include

• The Univex 1404 that has a diameter patty press of 4 inches. It has the capability of molding up to 5oz.

• The Univex 1405 that possesses a patty press with a diameter of 5 inches, which can mold up to 8 oz.

• The Univex 1406 that has a patty press, which bears a diameter of 6 inches. It can mold up to 16 oz.

Thus, whether you are looking for a Univex hamburger press that makes patties with 4 inches or any other dimensions you are well covered. Most of these patty press molds are hand operated, manual and hence easy to operate. They have the ability to make uniform patties that are evenly shaped. One of the major advantages of the Univex hamburger press is that they help you to save on your food costs.

Some of the common features of this product include its ability to be sturdy, ease of operation through its design which quickly produces hamburgers. Besides the hamburgers, the Univex hamburger press fish cakes, veggie burgers and crab cakes which are uniform in size. It also contains a finish with anodized Aluminum, an S/S meat press bowl plus ejector and stainless steel in addition to the possession of an integral holder for holding and diving of papers. The standard accessories found within the Univex Hamburger Press in the form of supplies are 1000 patty paper dividers.

The most common steps to follow in order to have the perfect paper each time are:

• Place the first patty paper on the deck

• Lower the deck

• Put the food product down on the deck

• Close the machine by pressing down the lid and you have your perfect patty

The idea of making 100 perfectly formed patties an hour is quite impressive. The product is an extremely easy to use. In addition, it is extremely easy to operate. So wait no longer. Make your order today for any model of the Univex hamburger press from some of the best sources anytime and get a perfect patty whenever you need one.

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Moving in Malden, MA

Malden Movers

College was fun but now it is time to move out of your parents’ house. You now have a good job and are ready to start the next chapter in your life which involves being on your own, and making your own decisions. Or perhaps you are getting married and the two of you are moving in together either in one house or another, and you need help planning the move. These first times in your life are exciting but they can also be stressful when it comes to moving all of your stuff from one place to another.

Looking for a moving company can be just as stressful as the actual move itself, however it doesn’t have to be that way. You will of course want a moving company that is safe and reliable, one that is used frequently so they will have customers that not only appreciate their business but like their services as well. This company should have the knowledge and experience to not only get the job done, but to do so safely and with great customer service.

All of these and many more are is the best moving company in Malden, MA. All of the local residents could tell you the same thing as at one time or another many of them have used them in their moves, either locally or at a distance. This company is not only licensed and bonded as they should be but they take everything a step further in order to insure they have the best in the business. Being a family owned business they only want the best in employees, giving a lengthy interview, background check and drug test to make sure they get the best pick of employees. Those employees are then trained under the supervision of the owner, even on the jobs to be sure they are doing their jobs in taking care of the customer.

Do you need more reasons of why is the best moving company in Malden, MA? Simple! This company not only handles your moves that are done locally but long distance transportation as well. With other services that include storage, packing and unpacking they offer full service moving for each and every customer. There is always extra packing and padding available so you know that your furniture, electronics, and precious items are safe and secure.

Moving in Malden doesn’t have to be just about your residential move, but could be for your office as well. Or perhaps you need a place to store that office paperwork, well it too can be included in one of the many services that are offered by And you can gain access whenever you need to with 24 hour access. There are short term or long term storage options available which makes moving from a large home to a smaller one even easier on you. And the storage facilities they use are state of the art having climate control and security in order to keep everything safe and secure.

Don’t want to do the work yourself? Not a problem with They offer proven methods of packing that can have all your belongings taken care of quickly. They can even do all the unpacking for you as well so as you move in to your new place it is ready for you to start that chapter. So what is keeping you waiting to make your move? Now that you know there is the best company available there is nothing holding you back.

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5 Steps to Successful Probate Real Estate Investing

Probate Leads Cash
Many people are interested in probate real estate investing. There are probate properties that are available today, and these properties are usually owned by the estate of deceased homeowner. One of the easiest ways to get a list of properties is to probate leads online website and buy them. They are commonly sold under market value due to taxes, new owners out of town, and a whole host of other factors. Because of that reason, you should take advantage of the probate real estate investing. There are some strategies that you need to follow today and these tips are very useful for all investors who want to purchase real estate at a discount. You should know that investing in probate real estate is not always simple, but one of the ways to increase results is to buy probate leads. There are some procedures that you have to do before you can acquire a probate property at the best prices.

1. Contact the executor or estate administrator

This is the first step that you should do. Before you can buy probate real estate, you should contact some executors or estate administrators immediately. This step is important to take a look at some available probate properties. They usually have some recommended properties to purchase. You can buy the best property that is located in your favorite location. You also need to identify all cases that are still opened to public. Choosing a good probate real estate is not a difficult thing to do.

2. Contact all heirs

After you choose a good real estate for yourself, you should contact all heirs. You need to contact them before you can acquire your favorite property. They have their own rights for keeping the property title. It is important to meet all heirs before you start the negotiation. Most heirs usually don’t want to keep the inherited real estate. They are commonly ready for the negotiation. Most of them want to get quick cash by selling the inherited property. This step is very important for all investors, so they can avoid any problems in the future.

3. Take a look at the property

This is another important step that you have to do today. You should take a look at the probate real estate before investing in this asset. There are some important factors that you should consider, for example location, real estate size, condition, age, and many other essential things. You also need to check all required documents, such as property title, tax documents, and some other important things. This step is recommended for all investors who want to buy their favorite probate real estate. Don’t forget to make appointment with the heirs before you can visit your favorite probate real estate.

4. Negotiate the price

Price is an important thing that you should consider today. This step should be done in the negotiation process. You should compare the price of your favorite probate real estate with other properties. It is a good idea to check the market value in that certain location. You can ask the price of other properties that are located around the probate real estate. This step may take some of your time. Negotiating the price of your favorite probate real estate can be challenging for you. You should learn how to approach the sellers of this real estate. This step can determine your chance of getting a good real estate at reasonable price.

5. Follow a marketing plan

This is the last step that is very important in the probate real estate investing course. There is no easier way to fail in real estate investing than to start a marketing plan with no follow up.  Probate leads should be followed up over the course of 1 year. 80% of the estates that are left property end up selling the property. So if an investor stops sending a monthly mail piece on month 9, and the property sells on month 11, all of their efforts were in vain, and a loss of revenue. There are some important things that you need to do, especially after you deal with the property seller.

The probate investing process is one of the most lucrative in the real estate investing world. The reason there is not a lot of competition is that the leads are hard to find and it takes a lot of time to go to the courthouse. The most successful in the business buy the leads and spend their time marketing to the estates and evaluating deals. Once the ownership transfers to the investor, another marketing process takes place and now the focus is on getting the repairs done quickly so the sale can happen in a short time.  Keep in mind every day the property is owned by the probate investor there is a less money to make when it gets sold. You can ask your team of personal real estate agents for assisting you in this process. There are some property agents who are familiar with all legal procedures.

When you are planning to buy probate real estate, you should follow some of those tips. You can also hire a estate attorney to help you in this process. This step is very important for all investors who don’t know the legal procedure for buying the property. There are some real estate brokers who are ready to help you in this process. You can choose the best one who has a lot of experience in this industry. Probate real estate investing is very interesting for most investors because this property is usually offered at very affordable price.

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What is a Hamburger Press

Hamburger Press

There are many people who are unaware of the uses of a hamburger press , why they are used and what the benefits are to a perfectly formed hamburger. It can be called an amazing breakthrough in the burger making industry. Imagine how hard it must have been before it was invented to make 1000 burgers. Each one would have been made by hand and it would have been very difficult to get each one identical to the others. Most people love eating burgers as it is really tastes good and can be eaten as breakfast, dinner or as a snack. People tend to forget that the burger is completely dependent on the quality of meat that is used in making the hamburger. The meat needs to have a certain amount of fat as well. A burger that is less than 5% fat falls apart when cooked. Although beef is one of the less likely candidates to get bacteria built up, one must be careful to get beef from a reliable source. The best burgers are going to be without additives like hormones and antibiotics. These procedures can affect the quality of the meat adversely and therefore the importance of hamburger press. Although a hamburger press reduces the time it takes to make a meat patty, the main benefit is the consistency of the burgers.

The hamburger press is the best and perfect solution for all your problems if you are fond of eating fresh burgers, sausages, or seafood patties. It enables you prepare whatever you desire in a healthy and fresh manner. Keeping meat in the freezer for a long time can give you off flavors when it gets cooked. In addition, they can be very harmful for your health. The use of a hamburger press and patty paper will increase the fun at your next barbecue. The ease of operation has made this device very popular among the home grillers.

One other often overlooked dynamic of a hamburger press is the use of Patty Paper. The patty paper is used to keep the newly formed patties from sticking together. There’s nothing more disappointing then pulling 10 hamburgers out of the freezer and not being able to separate them. The wax paper sheets, or patty paper dividers enables the burgers to be easily separated.

The hamburger press is used for quality control. If a restaurant prides themselves on making the best homemade burgers, there’s a need for a burger press. When shopping for the best hamburger press, one should look for ease of use, stainless steel construction and the best warranty. After reviewing all the models out there it seems like the My Burger Daddy line wins hands down. They have a 3 year warranty for starters. The competitors have a 3 month walk in warranty. They make the hamburger press from stainless steel to stand up to the rigors of heavy duty use, and their price point is about 30% less expensive than the comparable Univex models.

The first thing most people do when they buy a hamburger press is to have a large cookout. The second thing will be to improve on the flavor of the burger by adding spices and even trying to stuff the burger with cheese, or other burger stuffing. A hamburger press can also be used for preparing the best burgers by adding various toppings, buns and sauces. The advantage of using this device is that you can make burger patties of standard shape and sizes which make it visually attractive and each patty will be consistent. This device has the capability of evenly and securely compressing the meat so that the patties will not fall apart or cook too rapidly. This device reduces the exposure to contaminates and ultimately reduces the cost of labor to the restaurant owner

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Amazing Bar Glass Washers Can Clean 100 Glasses Per Hour

bar glass washer

If you do dishes by hand, you would be hard pressed to try and clean over a hundred glasses in an hour. But what if you had to do two hundred or three hundred? That could be impossible to do by hand. However if you have a commercial glass washer then this job becomes quite easy. Of course you typically will not find a commercial glass washer in your home, but rather in a restaurant that deals in the need for speed when it comes to clean dishes for their patrons.

To describe what is a Commercial Glass Washer, you need to forget what you think about the dishwasher you might have in your home. While a commercial unit can do more than just glasses, many models are designed only with glassware in mind so they are preset with trays to hold them. These units are smaller and faster than a dishwasher as they are using powered jets and dryers to quickly clean those glasses. In fact some of the best units can clean up to six hundred glasses in an hour. This is great during the busy times of the restaurant business ensuring that every customer has a clean glass.

As you can see the better the model the faster and more glasses that can be cleaned. But it’s not always about how fast or how powerful a unit is that makes it work for your business, sometimes it’s about the space that is available. For a smaller business there are brands that can sit on the counter or in a sink doing up to six glasses at a time, allowing you to get to the hundred glasses per hour mark. These smaller units are like multiple bottle brushes put together face up, except the brush portion is designed to fit a glass instead of a bottle. And the brushes for this model can replaced as they wear out.

For those with little counter space up top, but perhaps space below the counter, there are small models that can easily handle the hundred per hour of clean glasses that resemble a dishwasher. These smaller units are electrics and of course need a water source, but are quite efficient when it comes to cleaning your glassware. And these electric models resemble the rest of your appliances in the kitchen with a stainless steel surface that cleans well. Most models have a pull down or pull out tray for the glasses so you know right where they are.

A typical cycle for a commercial bar glass washer is only a matter of minutes versus a dishwasher, not only making it the worthwhile choice, but can definitely eliminate that chore for yourself. While the costs for these units seems high, when you think of how much you are spending to pay someone to clean those glasses and other dishware for you, you are saving a ton of money. And you have to think of the next time that state health official comes down for a review. With clean glasses that you can serve them in, you will already have them impressed, here is a comparison of the most popular Champion Bar Glass Washer.

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The Champion in Undercounter Dishwashers

Small businesses are looking to get as much out of every dollar as possible. An undercounter dishwasher is both faster and more water efficient than a human cleaning the glassware. It is a cheaper purchase than several months for an employee at minimum wage breaks fewer glasses and it also doesn’t require smoke breaks or health insurance. Two of the more popular models for restaurants and coffee shops are the Jackson Avenger and the Champion UH230B undercounter dishwasher.

At first look, both machines appear similar. Both are finished in stainless steel and are almost the same size. The Champion is a quarter of an inch shorter and the Jackson is slightly wider and has a bit more depth. The Champion is also heavier; 215 pounds to the Jackson’s 200. The main difference visually is the Avenger’s door. It opens at 20 inches compared to the Champion’s 15 and ¾ inches. It also uses the Labyrinth style design which means that there is no gasket to leak and eventually replace like on the Champion and most other models.
Inside, the two dishwashers are also similar. Both have two racks, one peg and one combination. Power wise though; Champion’s UH230B has the edge. Its motor runs a full horsepower while the Avenger is only a three-quarter horsepower.

When it comes right down to it though, a restaurant owner needs three things: Clean, unbroken glasses and to get as many back on the counter and tables as quickly as possible. The Jackson Avenger advertises a better cleaning system and while both machines have a good reputation for speed and not breaking or cracking glass and stemware, Champion’s UH230B beats out the Avenger for the other two requirements.

Jackson has developed what they call Sani-Sure technology. The claim is that it not just cleans but also sanitizes better than every competitor in the industry. It certainly sounds good; but when both dishwashers clean and rinse at 180 degrees, it is difficult to prove.

The Jackson Avenger can boast a two minute cycle, able to clean 24 racks of glassware per hour. That’s one of the best in the business, but it’s not THE best. Champion’s UH230B runs a 90 second cycle. That extra time adds up to another sixteen racks for a total of forty per hour.

Even though Jackson has a good machine designed to minimize breakage, Champion holds the edge. The company has developed StemSure to perform even better. The first few seconds start with a more gentle water pressure to avoid rattling glasses and then move to a higher level that ensures every part of the surface, no matter if it’s an iced tea tumbler or a wine glass is properly cleaned and sanitized.
Really, the only clear advantage that the Avenger has over the UH230B is price.

Depending on where it’s purchased, the Avenger undercounter dishwasher can be as much as $1600 cheaper. A small coffee shop or a corner restaurant might be able to get by with the cheaper Avenger, but if they purchase it under a monthly payment plan, the difference in price can be less than $50. The Champion UH230B is a faster dishwasher that helps business owners serve more efficiently, helping to turnover customers quickly and increases their profit margin each day.

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